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Best Crypto ATM Card

Crypto cards have become a popular payment method for cryptocurrency users. They make it easier to spend your crypto without going through the hassle of converting it into fiat currency first.


Crypto cards are also becoming increasingly popular for accessing cash at ATMs worldwide and making online payments. Many crypto card providers offer physical and virtual cards. Physical cards support ATM withdrawals and other online payments, while virtual cards don’t support ATM withdrawals but support online payments and subscriptions.


This guide will examine the best crypto ATM cards available today and explain their features.


PlasBit Cards


PlasBit card is arguably the best crypto ATM card because of its anonymity. The physical card comes in two forms, PlasBit Plastic and Metal, that offer seamless ATM withdrawals. With PlasBit, customers can enjoy the convenience of contactless PIN payments and cash withdrawals from any compatible ATM. PlasBit empowers users to instantly lock and unlock their cards, allowing them to control their spending completely.


PlasBit also offers the freedom to pay in local currency anywhere in the world with just a tap of the card and with low fees, making it an ideal choice for shoppers and travelers. Here’s how the two cards differ:




PlasBit Plastic:


$5OO single ATM withdrawal limit.


$50,000 loads per day from PlasBit Wallet.


$5,000 POS purchase per day.


PlasBit Metal:


$10,00 single ATM withdrawal limit.


$30,000 POS purchase per day.


$100,000 loads per day from PlasBit Wallet.


Binance Card


The Binance physical card is another contender in the best crypto ATM cards list. It provides users easy access to crypto funds at over 60 million locations across 200+ countries. With a Binance card, users can earn up to 8% in BNB cashback, making their purchases even more rewarding. Supported by popular payment platforms like Google and Samsung Pay, the Binance card provides users convenience and versatility in making payments. Its user-friendly approach separates the Binance card, with no sign-up or annual fees.




  • 8,700 EUR daily spending limits


  • 290 EUR daily withdrawal limits


BitPay Card


The BitPay card is a leading prepaid debit card in cryptocurrency, offering exceptional features for users. With some of the industry’s highest spending, load, and withdrawal limits, it provides unparalleled flexibility and convenience. One of the standout benefits of the BitPay card is the ability to convert crypto into dollars with zero fees, making it easy to access and spend your digital assets in the real world.


The card also includes an EMV chip for enhanced security and options to lock your card and customize spending controls, giving you complete control over your financial transactions.



  • $2000 limit per withdrawal and three withdrawal limits a day.


  • $10,000 load limit per day.


  • $10,000 spending limit per day.


  • $25,000 maximum balance. Card is a popular prepaid card and one of the best crypto ATM cards. Users can select the card that fits their needs and spending habits with five different card tiers. One of the significant advantages of the card is the absence of annual fees, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious users.


Additionally, the card allows for easy top-ups with both fiat and cryptocurrency, providing flexibility in managing funds. Users can also earn up to 5% back on their spending, allowing them to earn rewards on everyday purchases.



  • Obsidian Card:

    $1000 free ATM withdrawal per month, $10,000 ATM withdrawal limit per month, and $25,000 aggregated fund monthly limit.


  • Frosted Rose Gold & Ice White:

    $1000 free ATM withdrawal per month, $10,000 ATM withdrawal limit per month, and $25,000 aggregated fund monthly limit.


  • Roya Indigo & Jade Green:

    $800 free ATM withdrawal per month, $10,000 ATM withdrawal limit per month, and $25,000 aggregated fund monthly limit.


  • Ruby Steel:

    $400 free ATM withdrawal per month, $10,000 ATM withdrawal limit, and $25,000 aggregated fund monthly limit.


  • Midnight Blue:

    $200 free ATM withdrawal per month, $5,000 ATM withdrawal limit, and $25,000 aggregated fund monthly limit.


Coinbase Card


Another top contender for the best crypto ATM card is the Coinbase Card. This Visa debit card allows users to use crypto funds without withdrawing cash or fiat currency. By linking your Coinbase account, you can easily access your funds and make payments wherever Visa is accepted.


The Coinbase Card also doesn’t charge for spending and has no annual fees, making it a cost-effective option for users who frequently use crypto for payments. Additionally, Coinbase Card allows you to convert your spending into multiple currencies and get up to 4% back in rewards, giving you the incentive to keep using this card.




  • $1,000 daily withdrawal limit.




These are just some of the many options for those looking for the best crypto ATM card. Depending on your spending habits, budget, and security requirements, you can find one that will meet all your needs.


However, if you’re looking for anonymity and a highly limited card, there’s only one winner for the best crypto ATM card, the PlasBit card. This card allows you to purchase crypto without ever revealing your identity. This makes it the perfect choice for those who value privacy and want to secure their transactions.

best crypto ATM card
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