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Best Crypto Cards

There have been several improvements in the way that people use their cryptocurrencies. Before, cryptos were limited to a way of sending and receiving payments. With the introduction of crypto cards, people can use their cryptos for everyday purchases like grocery shopping and paying bills. But what is a crypto card, and what is the best crypto card?

A crypto card is a prepaid card that is pre-loaded with cryptocurrencies. These cards are usually issued by cryptocurrency exchanges and can be used in place of a debit card. They allow users to purchase crypto assets or withdraw fiat currencies in an ATM.

Here are the best crypto cards to use:


PlasBit Card

PlasBit has one of the best crypto cards to manage your money and the only anonymous crypto card worldwide. With PlasBit, you can pay in local currency globally with just a tap of your card and low fees compared to other cards. The card also comes with an EMV chip and a designated pin code for ATM withdrawals so you can have more control over how you spend your money. Additionally, you can instantly lock and unlock your card whenever you want and never miss out on a payment. With instant notifications, access to transaction history, and the ability to swap currencies anytime, the PlasBit card is undoubtedly one of the most user-friendly.


Fees And Limits

PlasBit Virtual

  • $25,000 load per day limit from PlasBit wallet
  • $5,000 POS purchases per day limit
  • $299 for card creation
  • 5 % for card load from PlasBit wallet

PlasBit Plastic

  • $50,000 load per day limit from PlasBit wallet
  • $500 single ATM withdrawal
  • $499 for card creation
  • 5 % for card load from PlasBit Wallet

PlasBit Metal

  • $100,000 load per day limit from PlasBit wallet
  • $10,000 single ATM withdrawal
  • $999 for card creation
  • 8 % for card load from PlasBit wallet

Coinbase Card

Coinbase Card is the perfect solution for crypto enthusiasts who want to use their cryptocurrency daily without worrying about their funds’ security. Coinbase Card is available for all Coinbase customers living in the US (excluding Hawaii) and is accepted anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted at over 40M+ merchants worldwide. Customers also get unlimited crypto rewards on every purchase they make. On top of that, industry-leading security features such as 2-factor authentication, card freezing, and pin change make sure your funds are safe at all times.

Fees And Limits

  • $0 on ATM balance inquiry and ATM withdrawals.
  • 2.49% of ATM withdrawal amount plus applicable ATM withdrawal fees when using Coinbase wallet currency conversion.
  • 2.49% of Card transaction amount when using Coinbase wallet currency conversion.
  • ATM withdrawal limit is $1000 per day.

Binance Card

Binance Card is a Visa debit card that lets you spend your cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere. With the Binance Card, you can easily convert and use your crypto funds in real time without worrying about high conversion fees or slow transaction speeds. It also comes with an excellent rewards program where you get up to 8% cash back on all purchases. Plus, you can manage and track your spending with real-time alerts so that you always know where you stand.

Fees And Limits

  • 290 EUR ATM withdrawals limit for physical EEA cards and 200 EUR for refugee cards.
  • 8,700 EUR purchase limit for physical EEA card and 2000 EUR for refugee card.
  • 870 EUR purchase limit for a virtual EEA card and 500 EUR purchase limit for a virtual refugee card.
  • 25 EUR fee for re-issuance of a physical card.
  • Up to 0.9% for payment and ATM withdrawals.

BitPay Card

The BitPay card is a fantastic way to manage your crypto spending. With no conversion fees when reloading your balance and the ability to control how you spend with options to lock and unlock it, you’ll have total peace of mind when using it in millions of locations worldwide. You can view your balance, request a new PIN and reload instantly from the BitPay App. And on top of that, you can earn cash-back rewards on purchases or refer friends for $10 when they load their first $100! It also includes an EMV chip, enabling contactless payment, PIN payments, Google Pay or Apple Pay, or withdrawing cash from any compatible ATM.

Fees And Limits

  • 50 USD fee for ATM or cash-back withdrawals
  • 3% for currency conversion outside the USA.
  • $10,000 load limit per day.
  • Maximum balance of $25,000


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for the best crypto card for you. Each card on this list has its benefits and drawbacks that must be considered when choosing which suits you.

However, PlasBit stands out because it gives users the highest limits and lowest fees, making it your go-to card provider. Ultimately, the best crypto card for you will depend on your needs. Be sure to do your research and choose one that works best for you.

Best Crypto Card