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Best Crypto Card Long Term

A crypto card allows users to spend their cryptocurrency by converting it into fiat currency. Various companies, including cryptocurrency exchanges, banks, and credit card companies, issue crypto cards.

To use a crypto card, users must first load their card with cryptocurrency. Once the card is loaded, users can use it to make purchases just like any other payment card. The cryptocurrency is converted into fiat currency at the time of loading or purchase, depending on which card you use.

This has changed how people spend crypto, allowing people to access services and goods previously off-limits with cryptocurrency. Crypto cards can also be used for ATM withdrawals, allowing users to access cash when needed quickly. All of these features make crypto cards an attractive option. But which is the best crypto card long term? This article will discuss the top picks for your crypto spending:

PlasBit Card

The PlasBit card stands as the best crypto card long term for enthusiasts. With its acceptance at numerous locations and ATMs globally, it offers the utmost convenience to its users. It’s designed with flexible access that allows you to lock it anytime, providing a seamless blend of security and control at your fingertips. Even more enticing is that it caters to every user’s needs.

You can opt for a virtual card if you prefer digital solutions or a physical card for a more traditional approach. Remember, the PlasBit card also simplifies the payment process by allowing you to pay in various local currencies. Thus, it redefines convenience in the crypto world, proving an indispensable tool for modern finance.

Benefits Of Plasbit Crypto Card:

Secure and convenient: 

The Plasbit platform is designed to be secure and user-friendly. A designated pin code and an EMV chip protect your card. Your transactions are protected by two-factor authentication.

Accepted by millions of merchants:

The Plasbit card is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide. This means you can use your crypto to make purchases wherever you go.


The Plasbit Crypto Card allows users to make anonymous transactions. This means that all your personal information remains private during spending. It’s the only card that offers complete anonymity in the crypto space.


 You can load crypto onto your card in various currencies, giving you more spending flexibility.

Crypto.Com Card

The crypto card stands out as the best crypto card long term due to its comprehensive range of card tiers. This unique feature ensures that users are rewarded based on the amount of CRO tokens they hold. To ensure security and compliance, users are required to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications.

The card offers access to over 20 fiat currencies and 100 cryptocurrencies, allowing users to manage their digital assets seamlessly. With wide acceptance at over 40 million Points of Sale, retail shops, and ATMs worldwide that accept VISA, this card empowers users to spend their crypto in real-world transactions conveniently.

Benefits Of Card:

  • High cashback reward of up to 8%.
  • Free ATM withdrawals of up to $1000.
  • You can spend with a crypto card on over four million merchants worldwide.


Uphold crypto cards are undoubtedly the best crypto card long term solution for tracking your spending in real time while enjoying numerous benefits. With every transaction made, users receive a generous 4% cashback paid in XRP, further enhancing the value of their purchases. Additionally, Uphold crypto cards boast the advantage of zero foreign transaction fees, enabling seamless spending across borders without incurring additional charges.

Moreover, there are no annual fees, making it an incredibly cost-effective option. Uphold understands the importance of security, and they provide users with a valuable feature called “Freeze your card,” allowing individuals to protect their accounts instantly. Moreover, Uphold is regulated by the FCA, assuring users of their commitment to adhering to regulatory standards and providing a trustworthy platform for their crypto card needs.

Benefits oF Uphold Card

  • Zero foreign transaction fees.
  • High cashback reward of 4%.
  • Strong security and regulatory compliance.
  • Supports Google and Apple Pay.
  • Supports Virtual and Physical cards.

Wirex Card

The Wirex crypto card stands out as the best crypto card long term for cashback rewards in the cryptocurrency world. With this card, users can earn an impressive Cryptoback of up to 8% every time they make a purchase, making it an unparalleled option for those seeking to maximize their earnings. The convenience of managing the card through the intuitive in-app platform adds to its appeal, ensuring that users have complete control and transparency over their transactions and rewards.

Whether you prefer a physical or a virtual card, Wirex covers you, allowing you to choose the card format that suits your needs. Additionally, this versatile card lets you spend cash, stablecoins, and various cryptocurrencies anywhere, unlocking a world of possibilities for seamless digital and physical transactions.

Benefits Of Wirex Card

  • High Cryptoback of up to 8%.
  • Supports both physical and virtual cards.
  • Wide acceptance around the world.
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support.

Features To Look For In A Crypto Card

When choosing the best crypto card long term, there are a few key features to look for:

  • Anonymity: One of the most essential features to look for is anonymity. Only a few crypto cards offer this. Therefore, choose a card like PlasBit, which allows users to keep their transactions private and secure.
  • RewardsThe best crypto cards offer high rewards for spending cryptocurrency. Look for a card that offers cashback, airdrops, or other perks for using the card.
  • Fees: Crypto cards can be expensive to use. Look for a card with low fees for transactions and currency conversion.
  • Acceptance: The best crypto cards are widely accepted by merchants. Ensure that the card you choose is accepted at your shop.
  • Security: Crypto cards are not insured by the FDIC. Ensure that your card is secure and that your cryptocurrency holdings are protected.
  • Customer Service: Look for a card issuer with excellent customer service. In case of an emergency, you want to be able to rely on the card issuer’s support team for help.
  • Flexibility: Find a card to exchange between cryptocurrencies or spend fiat currency with your crypto balance.


Choosing the best crypto card long term can be challenging, but with the correct information and understanding of your needs, you should be able to select the best one for your spending habits. Compare different cards before finding the one that offers maximum benefits and rewards.

After reviewing different cards, we’d recommend the PlasBit crypto card for its anonymity feature. Anonymity is a desired feature for those seeking to maximize security and privacy when spending with their crypto card. Therefore, a card offering is the best crypto card long term.

Best Crypto Card Long Term ​