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Best Crypto Card Providers

Crypto is increasingly dominating the financial system, and one of its examples is crypto cards. These cards are handy because they operate just like standard debit cards, instead enabling users to spend cryptocurrencies than fiat. In Australia, many companies are providing this facility. But which are the best crypto card providers?


Here, we will answer it all. If you are from Australia and looking for a reputable platform to get your crypto card, below is a list of the 12 best platforms. You will learn what makes them stand out in the Australian market and what limitations to consider before choosing one. So, let’s start!


How are Crypto Cards Different than Normal Cards?

People use crypto cards mainly for trading purposes. Many people prefer to take advantage of this function. Crypto credit and debit cards are used worldwide and will soon become the preferred payment method for people.


The difference is that while using a crypto debit card, you withdraw the funds from your digital wallet instead of your bank. It automatically converts your Crypto to fiat upon transfer.


12 Best Crypto Card Providers

1.     PlasBit Crypto Card

First, we have PlasBit, a great crypto bank the Polish government regulates. It is one of the best crypto card providers offering a high-end blockchain payment platform. PlasBit aims to provide professional financial services to store your coins in a digital wallet. They offer three types of crypto cards:

  • PlasBit Virtual
  • PlasBit Plastic
  • PlasBit Metal

What’s interesting is that you can use the Card for transactions worldwide. It will automatically convert your crypto coins into the fiat currency of that country. The only caveat is the price which is considerably higher than many other platforms. But comparing the high-security standards and convenience with others, it is a precious deal.



  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Simple Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Transparent Fees Structure
  • Secure & Easy-to-Use
  • Automatic Conversion


  • Slightly pricier than other cards


2.     CoinSpot Mastercard

CoinSpot is a popular Australian-based multi-currency crypto wallet. It supports more than 360 cryptocurrencies and also deposits AUD. Moreover, it offers direct deposits for free, including POLi and PayID. However, it supports different credit and debit cards with a minimum fee of 2.58%.


CoinSpot provides a native crypto wallet that holds multiple blockchain networks.


You can use the wallet application as an Android or iOS mobile app. You can also use two-factor authentication or put a lock on the withdrawal process for extra security.


The CoinSpot wallet supports an exchange rate with minimum commissions of 0.1%. Users can also exchange tokens by using the wallet.



  • Simple Interface
  • High Customer Support
  • Solid Choice for Crypto Investors


  • Limited geographical availability

3.     Coinbase Debit Card

Coinbase is among the best crypto card providers and offers a secure digital wallet with excellent safety. It was launched in 2012, allowing beginners to buy and spend Crypto using a debit or credit card. SEC regulates its service and is registered on the NASDAQ exchange.

Moreover, it offers institutional-grade high-security control to keep assets safe. Coinbase provides two-factor authentication and a security team that is available 24/7. Additionally, its vault allows users to limit their wallet withdrawals.

You can access the wallet either via their application or online. It is responsible for keeping the tokens safe, allowing users to trade over 250 crypto coins. Thus, the trading commission fee is estimated to be 1.49%.



  • No Annual Fee
  • Accepted Worldwide
  • Direct Crypto to AUD or USD Conversion
  • Google Pay & Apple Pay Integration


  • Supports only eight crypto assets

4.     Bitpay Crypto Card

In 2011, the Bitpay Crypto card started to simplify financial issues. It is an efficient system that reloads the balance with minimum conversion fees. However, it is a flexible card with features like balance check, pin changing, and reloading.

The crypto card is integrated with an EMV chip that limits spending and protects the Card. Moreover, the Card doesn’t charge monthly fees and accepts all crypto payment types.


  • Flexible UI & UX
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Real-Time Conversion


  • May face volatility risk
  • Charges are high as compared to other best crypto card providers

5. VISA Card

It is a well-known VISA card you can use by topping it up through fiat currency or cryptocurrency. However, you can top it with a bank transfer, debit, or credit card balance. It can be used as a prepaid debit card, allowing users to make online or in-store transactions.

Moreover, users can also access cash at ATMs by using a VISA card. This Card supports more than 20 fiat currencies and 250 cryptocurrencies. Users can manage their account, fiat, or cryptocurrency using the online app.


  • Competitive Exchange Rates
  • Supports 100+ Cryptocurrencies
  • This offers at least 5% cashback


  • The rewards depend on the CRO

6.     Binance Card

Binance Card is one of the best crypto card providers and has an excellent reputation in the crypto world. A web wallet provides custodial storage and connects to the exchange directly. The user does not have to download, save or install the Binance wallet. The online Binance wallet is protected with device-safe listing, authentication, internal insurance fund, and cold storage.

The Binance Card connects to this wallet automatically, and you can spend the coins in your Binance wallet for shopping in Australia. It comes with excellent security features to protect transactions and payments.


  • A Reputable & Well-Recognized Brand
  • Highly Secure Exchange
  • The Card Offers 8% of Cashback
  • It doesn’t Charge Issuance & Monthly Fee


  • The platform has suffered a hack
  • It only supports 14 cryptocurrencies

7.     EFTPOS Crypto Card

It is a private start-up that enables users to buy, spend, and withdraw cryptocurrencies or pay bills via its Card. EFTPOS Crypto Card is a prepaid card that requires topping up before use. Users can preload the cryptocurrencies and spend them using EFTPOS terminals or ATMs.

The EFTPOS crypto card service is available only in Australia. However, you must signup for their digital wallet to use it. Luckily, it charges a minimal application and postage fee. However, no load fees or maintenance charges are deducted. The company is taking measures to support additional cryptocurrencies in the future.


  • Efficient Payment Process
  • Offers Real-Time Transaction Conversion
  • Enhanced Customer Support


  • It may show technical glitches

8.     Cryptopay Card

Cryptopay Visa Card is also one of the best crypto card providers, allowing you to spend cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere. It provides high crediting and debiting limits. It also manages the funds through an app or online. However, users can make huge transactions with no extra fees or overdrafts.

Cryptopay uses a great security chain to lock or unlock the crypto card. It tracks the transaction history, expenses, and the exchange currency in the wallet.


  • Easy Wallet Management
  • Convenient to Use
  • Accept Transactions Globally
  • High-Security Measures


  • Support limited crypto coins

9.     TenX Debit Card

TenX debit card is one of the best crypto card providers. It enables users to spend Litecoin, Ether, and Bitcoin at the ease of home. It instantly converts cryptocurrency to instant payment. TenX started in 2015 and rebranded in 2016. They introduced the debit card in 2017 and provided a seamless experience in 2019.

TenX allows users to instantly trade cryptocurrency and withdraw local currency, even from ATMs worldwide. Moreover, it offers 24/7 assistance with notifications and security options. User can track their transactions as well.


  • Ease Transactions
  • Direct Fiat Conversions
  • Attractive UI


  • Only support four crypto coins

10. CoinJar Mastercard

In 2021, CoinJar released CoinJar Mastercard, which was the first Mastercard-backed cryptocurrency debit card. Through CoinJar, users can spend Crypto for instant conversion into cash. This allows you to avail of the tap-and-go service or use it online. It can be added to digital wallets and also offers a reward program with no monthly charges.


  • Automatic Crypto to Fiat Conversion
  • Google Pay & Apple Pay Integration
  • Fast & Easy Setup


  • The foreign transaction fee is $2.99+

11. Spectrocoin Prepaid Card

It is another best crypto card providers used worldwide. Spectrocoin has a blockchain wallet that connects to their crypto card for online transactions. You can quickly load your prepaid Card through this digital wallet.

The Card is handy for dealing with traditional cash. It eliminates the hassle while carrying the funds during traveling. Moreover, it does not charge extra fees. Spectrocoin provides high deposit and withdrawal limits for business transactions.


  • Great for Organizations of any Scale
  • Third-Party Digital Wallet Integration
  • Easy Payment Methods


  • It doesn’t have multilingual support

12. Wirex VISA Card

Wirex introduced this VISA card to enable users to access Crypto more easily. The Wirex VISA Card allows users to buy, hold, spend, and exchange fiat currencies where any Visa card is accepted. It can be used at the point of sale with the real-time conversion.

The Card gives Crypto rewards whenever used in stores or online. It has zero exchange rate, enabling users to switch between fiat currency and cryptocurrency.


  • Accepted in 80+ Million Locations Worldwide
  • Provides In-App Payment Alerts
  • Limitless External Crypto Transfers


  • Costly subscription plan


Crypto cards are gradually taking over traditional credit and debit cards. Probably not anytime soon, but it feels like they are the future. Many companies have started accepting payments in cryptocurrencies via these cards. You can get this future now with the help of the best crypto card providers. Pick the one from the above list that suits you the best and enjoy your shopping.

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