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Best Crypto Card

Before using your cryptocurrency, you must get the proper tools for the best results. Having a quality cryptocurrency card in hand is one of the first steps.


A crypto debit card will allow you to make cryptocurrency transactions or purchases through dedicated crypto ATMs or online. Each card differs in how it processes cryptocurrency and has its reward system for how users can spend crypto.


Top Crypto Cards 2023


If you are not sure about the best crypto card for daily use, check out some of the top providers mentioned below:


1.   Plasbit


The best crypto card we have come across is Plasbit’s cryptocurrency card. It is one of the most secure cryptocurrency cards you will find on the market, as you can use them with complete anonymity. The user data is encrypted across the system, and data levels are secured using SSL technology.


PlasBit charges a comparatively low transaction fee to load your cryptocurrency card from your wallet. Also, you can instantly reload your card with no conversion fee. Moreover, you will love their minimal card feature, which allows you to withdraw any cryptocurrency easily.




Next on our list is the credit card. This card is best known for the benefits it offers. You can get rewards in CRO tokens when you stake more and earn as much as 5% back at the top tier. On top of stories, you can get additional rewards, including free Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime.


The drawback here is that rewards are only paid in the form of the unique token CRO which might not be convenient for every user.


3.   Coinbase


The Coinbase card is a type of VISA debit card and can be used anywhere VISA cards apply worldwide. Making purchases or ATM withdrawals using Coinbase will automatically convert your cryptocurrency into US dollars. Coinbase has zero spending and annual fees, making it a popular choice for many users. They also offer a more diverse list of crypto rewards assets like BTC, ETC, and DOGE.


One of the significant benefits of this card is that it is more flexible, and you aren’t stuck using your cryptocurrency. You can also connect your card to a PayPal or bank account and make purchases.


4.   Wirex


The final one on our list is the Wirex VISA card. You can sign up for their physical or virtual card, depending on your unique needs. Wirex offers up to 8% in cashback every time you transact using your crypto card. The card supports over 36 cryptocurrencies around the world. The platform also charges no exchange fees when you convert your cryptocurrency to fiat money during transactions, making it an excellent choice for many users.


Final Thoughts


This list lets you choose the best crypto card for your daily use. Our favorite is the Plasbit crypto card because of its advanced security and anonymity, which the other cards fail to meet. Carefully scrutinize each service before you choose and decide which crypto card is best for you.

Best Crypto Card