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How To Choose The Best Crypto Card

The rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and their global acceptance have made it pertinent to make crypto cards available. These cards have the same function as regular debit cards.

You can use the cards to withdraw and transfer cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, they are connected to a crypto wallet rather than a bank account. In this article, you will learn all you need to know regarding the qualities of the best crypto cards available in the market.

Best Crypto Card

Qualities of the Best Crypto Cards

Finding worthwhile crypto cards can be challenging. Based on research and anecdotal evidence, the best crypto cards have the following attributes:



Due to the value of cryptocurrencies, it has attracted a lot of newbies into the industry. Therefore, you must use a crypto card that guarantees the safety of your funds. With a crypto card, you have complete control of your funds, and no third party can access your assets.



If a crypto card has a limited number of countries that allows its usage, that’s a red flag. Some cards are only useful in the US and the UK. You must check whether the crypto card you want to procure is supported by the region you need. The top options are accepted in several countries outside the US and the UK.


Various Currencies

If your crypto card does not support your preferred altcoin, you can exchange it in a major crypto exchange and still use it. The best crypto cards support a variety of currencies. When considering the one to choose, ensure that you can use it to withdraw the currency of your choice. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time and effort.


Cashback Rewards

Cashback rewards are perks and not the fundamental quality you should consider when getting a crypto card. Yet, there is nothing wrong with enjoying some of the generosity made available by crypto companies. So, if you find a secure crypto card that still offers generous cashback rewards, why not?


Staking Requirements

The fact that a crypto card offers cashback rewards will only be useful if the staking requirements are incredibly high or unfeasible. So, consider this aspect when choosing a crypto card.



It is not feasible to find a crypto card that does not have monthly or annual fees. Nonetheless, you must procure the one with the most minimal charges as long as it offers security to your asset. The fees are necessary, but they do not have to be unbearable.


Plasbit Crypto Card To The Rescue

You might wonder how you can find a crypto card with all these qualities. The good news is that you do not have to stress yourself. Plasbit crypto card has all these attributes and more. Many happy customers have benefited from the security and seamless transaction processing this crypto card offers. So, it makes perfect sense to procure it today.

Best Crypto Card